Who am I?

The daunting question in which I now get to answer. 아이구...Here goes...



Or, Hello! My name is Elise and I have been afflicted with wonderful Korean culture and lifestyle for several years now. Growing up in Australia, you learn to work hard and play hard. But even though we are a multicultural country, I didn't really get know anyone who grew up overseas until I moved away from home to study at university on the Gold Coast. Imagine an 18-year old introvert with no prior experience with alcohol, travels or adult life. It certainly created some memories. I thought it was the greatest decision I had ever made. Until, I wanted to branch out my youthful experiences even more. I decided to take on a semester exchange. But where to go? Everyone in the program was going to America or England or Europe. I'm not someone who likes to do what everyone else does. I had a choice: go to Japan and put my year of studying the language to good use, or pick South Korea where all my knowledge had been gained from the music and dramas I had been introduced in only a year. So, in the fall semester of 2013, I traveled overseas for the first time, experienced an entirely new culture up close and made friends who would become almost like family. I was forever changed and now everything I have done since has been completed with the one goal in mind: to get back. I have now visited Seoul twice, Busan once and Jeju Island once. But I know that small taste is not enough to satisfy me. I want to share my experience with others and maybe help them discover something new. One day, I hope to relocate myself and be an Aussie in Korea once again. Come on the jounrey with me and browse through my collection of photos and blogs. I also have a small (we're talking teeny tiny) YouTube Channel with video footage of my travels as well as other content about Korean popular media, food and products. I hope you enjoy what I post on this website. 감사합니다!